Website Redesign Unifies Brand

Several websites were combined to form a parent brand with stronger messaging and lead generation.

My Role

I led the creation of an improved website that combined 10 websites into one parent website to better showcase and sell RIT Golisano Institute for Sustainability’s academic programs and B2B services. This included web development through Drupal, benchmarking, content strategy, analytics, and lead collection strategies.


A complete content re-envisioning was required to elevate this brand to where it needed to be. This included brand messaging, navigation, blog strategy, imagery, and video—a process which took place over several years to develop a collection of effective content where before there was none.

Lead Generation

A system for collecting leads was needed for both the student-facing and B2B sides of the institute. This was done partially through better communication of our degree programs and services with calls to action to contact us, and taken further with a blog strategy designed to attract organic leads and get them to subscribe.

Tracking Goals

Goals were set around website visits, time spent on pages, etc. in addition to more complex goals for search rankings, PDF views, social referrals, and content categories. I implemented custom tracking parameters where necessary and developed a report in Google Data Studio to keep all department managers informed.

The Challenge

The Golisano Institute for Sustainability had a fairly vast web landscape, with 19 websites representing different departments, events, and centers, and the result was that very little was being done to represent institute as a whole. As a parent of multiple graduate degree programs and research centers, the Institute uniquely brings together students, academic researchers, and industry engineers to work together on tackling government and industry sustainability challenges—but this message was getting lost among all its disparate parts.

I led a project over several years to not only determine the best way to tell the story of this unique umbrella of services, but to build up a collection of professional content (including photos and videos) and establish an audience from the ground up. The largest challenge this project presented was in the separate branding and management of each of the 10 areas I sought to merge into one online entity. Internal management, strategies, and messaging were different for each, and it required a widespread shift in thinking from the department to the organization to make this project possible.


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After four years and two website redesigns, we built a brand and audience from the ground up that represented the ten major areas of the institute. We gradually made our case for the parent website by testing different messaging strategies throughout our marketing materials, and proving that partners found the umbrella messaging best conveyed the impressive array of capabilities and achievements for the institute. Once complete, we saw rises quickly in our website visits, time spent, lead lists, and search rankings.

How It Proves My Value

I think this project best showcases my ability to get get people working together toward overarching goals, in addition to my skills regarding web design, development, and content strategy. The most difficult part of most website redesign projects in large businesses is the need to appease a range of people with different thoughts on content and business strategy. Here, I worked with many different departments that had long been separately branded and were against being represented as one, and I was able to shift their perspective gradually through A/B testing and lead generation results.